Whether you are on an annual plan or a monthly plan, if you exceed the order limit of your plan, you will be charged the price of the plan that best matches your order volume for the month when the overage occurred.

  • If that happens, you'll see a line item for "Growth Charge" listed in your invoice.

We understand that your sales volume may fluctuate, and we don't want to force you to upgrade to a bigger plan before you're sure your sales will remain at that level.

  • You will only see growth charges when your monthly orders exceed your plan's limits.
  • The next month, you'll go back to your regular plan price as long as your orders remain within the limits of that plan.
  • If you're not ready to choose a subscription with increased order limits, you can stay on the plan you have.
  • If you start to see growth charges for several months in a row, you may want to consider switching to a higher tier plan.