After adding your marketplaces, it's time to import your products and give each product their Display Name and Short Name as well as updating their cost (cost of goods sold and fulfillment cost).

A Display Name is a shorter version of the product name that can be used in email templates. It's useful when your product title is very long for SEO purposes, but it makes no sense to use it in emails.

A Short Name is even a shorter version of the product name that will be used inside the Sellegr8 app pages and dashboards as well as in email templates.

The Cost of Goods Sold of a product is the average amount per item you pay to manufacture the item and ship it to Walmart warehouse or to your 3PL.

The Fulfillment Cost is the average cost of shipping a unit from Walmart or from your 3PL to a buyer's address.

Providing the cost values of all your products enables Sellegr8 to calculate and display the Gross Profits in the Finance dashboard.

For Example, let's assume you are selling the following product:

The Product Name that will get imported automatically from the marketplace is:

"Everyday Essentials All-Purpose 1/2-Inch High Density Foam Exercise Yoga Mat Anti-Tear with Carrying Strap, Blue"

A good Display Name could be: "Everyday Essentials Blue Yoga Mat"

A good Short Name could be: "Yoga Mat, Blue"

Let's assume you pay $1000 to purchase 100, $200 to ship the items from China to your 3PL in the US, and an additional $5 to ship an item from your 3PL to a buyer.

In that case, the Cost of Goods Sold is $12 ($1000/100 = $10 to purchase an item + $200/100 = $2 to ship an item to the warehouse) and the Fulfillment Cost is $5.

Manual Update

In order to provide Display Name, Short Name and Cost values to a product, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Products option in the Configuration menu.
  2. For each product in the list -
    1. Click the edit icon under the Actions column 
    2. Update the Display Name field.
    3. Update the Short Name field.
    4. Click on the edit button under the Cost column for each product and update the Cost of Goods Sold as well as the Fulfillment Cost and save.
    5. Click Save

Bulk Update

If you wish to bulk update the details of multiple products at once, using the bulk editing option may be easier:

  1. Click the Products option in the Configuration menu.
  2. Click the Export button on the top right corner of the Active/Unpublished tables to download a CSV file containing your products
  3. Edit the CSV file. You can update the fields in columns that do not have a RO (read-only) in their title.
  4. Save the CSV file and click the Import button at the top right corner of the page to upload the file.

Excluding Items

If you wish to exclude a product and not use it in Sellegr8, you can click the Exclude button.