The Keywords tracker allows you to track keywords positions for different products. 

If you have many products and keywords, it may be easier to bulk upload them rather than adding them manually. 

You can also update keywords' categories for keywords that were already added to Sellegr8 by using this method.

To bulk add products and keywords, follow the below steps:

Steps to import:

  1. Download an empty CSV template by clicking on the 'bulk keywords template.csv' attachment on the bottom of this page. 
  2. Fill the template with products and keywords details as shown in the below example.
    1. Product ID - the product number as appears on the walmart website - read how here.
    2. Keyword - the search query that you'd like to search for
    3. Category - one of: brand, category, competitor
  3. Click the 'Import Keywords' button on the top right corner of the Keywords Tracker page and select the file you edited to upload it to Sellegr8