Keywords Discovery is Sellegr8's main keyword research tool. In this article, you will learn what Keywords Discovery is all about and how to get started.

Why are keywords so important? 

A higher-ranked product listing is more likely to appear in search results. That increases your sales opportunities because more traffic is arriving to your listing. Sellegr8's Keywords Discovery can be used to find the most effective keywords for your product on Walmart, as well as to boost sales, and keep your products competitive.

You can also leverage your competitors' keyword ranking strategy to improve your own listings. Sellegr8's Keywords Discovery is key in launching new products successfully and bringing more eyeballs to your listings and awareness to your brand.

How to use Sellegr8's Keywords Discovery

When you open Keywords Discovery, the first thing you’ll see is a button that allows you to start a new product discovery.

Clicking on this button will open up a new window that will prompt you to add one or more products to the discovery execution. You can add Product IDs or simply copy and paste the full product URL and Sellegr8 will extract the Product ID for you. You can learn how to find the product’s Product ID in this article.

After pasting the product’s Product ID, select if you'd like Sellegr8 to also check the product's variants for keywords and then click the OK button.

Once you click the OK button, Sellegr8 will scan Walmart's catalog to find the top-ranking keywords for the products you added to the list. The process can take a few minutes and you will receive an email once the results are available.

Some results may be available even before the full execution is complete, so you can check the results even while Sellegr8 is working in the background to fetch more keywords. You will also be able to look back at all the products you’ve researched, all the way back to the very beginning of your Sellegr8 membership.

To check a discovery report, click on the product name or the Discovery Results icon under the Actions column.

How to read the discovery report

The first box in the Keyword Discovery report shows the product image, title, and Product ID of the product that was searched for as well as the Search Date, the Status of the execution, whether or not variants were included, the Discovered Keywords amount per type and buttons to export or delete the report.

The second box contains the Word Distribution. This shows the breakdown of the top 30 words associated with our Product ID in this specific search. Those words are part of the most popular searches users make to find the product. More on this later in the article.

The third box contains the top-ranking keywords that were discovered for the product. You can use the buttons to select some or all of the keywords and then copy them to your clipboard. You can also use the Search bar to filter the table by keywords matching this search value. You can click the columns headers to sort the table.

As you can see, in the above example, “new uno,” is ranked on Page 1 in the Organic Rank, and it had 2,934 Competing products (i.e. the number of products returned when Sellegr8 searched for this keyword). The Match Type column indicates that this keyword was discovered by an organic placement. Generally speaking, Match Type can be Organic, Sponsored or both.

Sellegr8 incorporates in the discovery report scans that were done in the last 30 days. You can learn when a specific keyword placement was discovered by hovering with the mouse on the organic or sponsored ranking of the keyword as shown below.

Lastly, you can use the Delete button under the Actions column to delete a keyword from the report and the Walmart icon to browse to the listing of the product at

If we'll go back to the word distribution in our previous example, we could see that the word "card" appeared 181 times in the keywords results. It might seem like a minor thing, but the ability to drill down with the Search bar (by manually typing in it or by clicking on the words appearing in the word distribution list) will give you a clearer picture of what the buyers are looking for. That in turn, will help you to sell more effectively and can also help you to optimize your listings and better budget your sponsored campaigns.

Summary and next steps

Whether you are using the Keyword Discovery feature to get keywords ideas from your competition and adding them to your listings or to check on which keywords you are already ranked for, the next steps would be to add the new keywords you found to Sellegr8's Keyword Tracker. By doing so you will be able to track your organic and sponsored positions and making sure you are winning those valuable page 1 ranks. Making this a part of your recurring standard operating procedures is a vital key allowing many sellers to win on Walmart.